Jan 6-7 21:00 GMT

America Qualifier

Jan 8-12 12:00 GMT

Europe Qualifier

Jan 10-15 4:00 GMT

Asia Qualifier

Jan 28-Feb 2 4:00 GMT


Feb 5-9

Shanghai Grand Stage, Shanghai, China
Main Event

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All games are viewable live in-game and at

  • Invictus Gaming

    Ferrari_430Feichi Luo

    JuneShiyang Lin

    ChChen Li

    XiYinqi Luo

    ChuaNHock Chuan Wong

  • LGD Gaming

    YaoZhengzheng Yao

    SylarJiajun Liu

    FaithHongda Zeng

    MMYZengrong Lei

    InjulyXiaodong Yang

  • Newbee

    HaoZhihao Chen

    MuPan Zhang

    BananaJiao Wang

    SanshengZhaohui Wang

    RabbitZhang Wang

  • Vici Gaming

    Black^Dominik Reitmeier

    SuperJunhao Xie

    iceiceiceDaryl Koh Pei Xiang

    fyLinsen Xu

    FenrirChao Lu

  • MVP Phoenix

    MarchTaewon Park

    QOSunyeob Kim

    ForevSangdon Lee

    HeenSeunggon Lee

    ReisenJunyeong Lee

  • Rave

    CastMark Pilar

    ryOyrRyo Hasegawa

    nbMichael Ross

    JeyoJio Madayag

    ChrissyDjardel Mampusti

  • Evil Geniuses

    PPDPeter Dager

    FearClinton Loomis

    UniverseSaahil Arora

    Aui_2000Kurtis Daniel Ling

    SumailSyed Sumail Hassan

  • Team Secret

    PuppeyClement Ivanov

    KuroKyKuro Salehi Takhasomi

    S4Gustav Magnusson

    ArteezyArtour Babaev

    zaiLudwig Wåhlberg

Qualifier Winners
America QualifierEurope QualifierAsia Qualifier

Dota 2 Asia Championships Compendium is a virtual booklet that grants you ways like tournament predictions and community votes to interact with the grand Dota 2 tournament. The Compendium is also bringing many rewards like immortals treasures, loading screens, special effects. Leveling up Compendium will earn more!

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Dota 2 Asia Championships will have the Main Event during Feb 5th-9th, 2015. Tickets will be available on 12:00PM Jan 23th. You can redeem bonus merchandise and virtual items with the tickets in the venue.

During Feb 5th-9th, Main Event of DAC, you can buy various kinds of Dota 2 merchandise including exclusive Roshan Statue at DAC Secret Shop.

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